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We are thrilled to bring you one more special interview with a wonderful purse designer. Sari brown from Lux Couture introduced me to Katherine Kwei designs. Sari as well as I are so intrigued by the delicate knotting method that makes Katherine Kwei styles stand out. So while in new York City Vlad as well as I were able to satisfy Katherine Kwei as well as her assistant designer, Tiffany Koo (who will be working on a line for Katherine Kwei), as well as we have not been able to stop raving about her bags since. Do not expect a simple bag from her designs, for her purses implement a knotting method that will certainly make her stand out from the rest. We sat down in her show space to talk about her purse line as well as get to understand the designer behind these wonderful handbags.

PB: tell us about your fashion background?

KK: As a kid I did a great deal of arts as well as crafts. I went to Cornell as well as I had the choice of being an environmental science major or fine arts major. My father told me that I might do fine arts as a hobby, to ensure that type of threw that concept out the door! After institution I landed a task at Louis Vuitton as well as I landed a task in pr with them. That was my begin into the fashion world. I was with Louis Vuitton for four years in Hong Kong. At the time Marc Jacobs had not joined Louis Vuitton so there was a big focus on handbags, it was just bags bags bags. We did a big China exhibition to introduce the business into China in the late 1990’s as well as we tried to inform people on the brand as well as history of Louis Vuitton. That is exactly how my purse like started.

I decided to go back to institution at the London college of Fashion. This is the exact same institution Jimmy Choo went to as well as it is extremely famous for leatherwork. I did three years there as well as ended up with a master’s degree in accessories design. I came to new York City then as well as did an internship with Zac Posen, however realized that I wished to begin my own line.

PB: So you have both experience on a personal level as well as academic background?

KK: I am a bit bit old fashioned; I believe you requirement to have the degree. I desired the technical experience to discover exactly how the purses are constructed.

PB: Do you want to branch out from handbags?

KK: I may go the path of doing accessories for accessories, as in appeals for the bags. I like so many other designers that I feel like I have nothing to offer in terms of clothing!

PB: who do you have in mind when designing your bags?

KK: I have designed many of my bags for my friends. then again, my mom as well as her buddies are always looking for my bags. So it is for a lady who wants something different however practical.

PB: What is your branding image?

KK: The knots are my image. I stay with this rather than logos. I have youth memories of my grandma practicing the ancient Chinese art of knotting. Also, I line the inside of my bags in red suede.

PB: The knotting is so complex! Is it done by hand?

KK: Yes, they have to be hand knotted. I teach anyone working on my bags the knotting method myself. It is rather time consuming! From begin to surface a few of the bags may take between 10-15 hours. I do ask them to do a slight braid on the back too. The Swarovski crystals are hand punched. So whatever is done by hand for the most part.

PB: You have resided in a plethora of wonderful cities. What took you to all of these places?

KK: My father was an worldwide banker so we were transferred about every three years. I have resided in cities such as Athens, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, as well as new York.

PB: With all of the traveling, what is your preferred city in the world?

KK: Hong Kong. I was born there as well as my parents still online there. likewise my production is there, so I spend much of my time there.

PB: What do you indulge in?

KK: deal with CREAM! I utilize Jurlique. It is expensive, however I am addicted to deal with cream.

PB: What is the last movie you saw?

KK: We just saw Gone infant Gone. It was incredible, it was super intense as well as extremely real.

PB: provide us an interested fact!

Well, I just got engaged! So I am truly happy about that!

PB: What on the internet stores bring your bags?

KK: You can go with Katherine Kwei online, or active Endeavors, Lux Couture, as well as 20 Unlimited.

We completed up the interview as well as while Vlad snapped pictures, Katherine, Tiffany, as well as I browsed the show room. We drooled over a yellow leather Kooba jacket as well as chatted about fashion, life, as well as the quick speed of nyc compared to the rest of the world! We had a fantastic time satisfying Kathy as well as be on the look out for more wonderful styles from her in the future!

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