Hailey Baldwin’s Bag profile continues to increase

very first of all, women should never be defined just by who they date, smash, or marry. That being said…Justin Bieber’s dating life has been a set of revolving doors for a number of years now, as well as Hailey Baldwin seems to have emerged dizzy however triumphant. Or at least as of press time. since Baldwin very first ended up being included with Bieber a number of years ago, she’s obtained many gorgeous new designer bags. So we’re happy for her, however mainly since of all the bags, as well as increased paparazzi focus on her means we get to see them more often.

Alexander Wang Rogue Bag
$1,591 via farfetch.com
Here’s Hailey bring an Alexander Wang Rogue Bag as she leaves the Zadig & Voltaire show at NYFW (which she modeled in, of course).

Fendi Peekaboo important Bag
$3,980 via Fendi
She brought this black Fendi Peekaboo to a recent dinner date at Nobu with Justin. No concept who makes the rest of her outfit.

Givenchy Antigona Bag
$2,240 via Net-a-Porter
Black is extremely much the style here: right here she is at the Toronto flight terminal with a smooth Givenchy Antigona Bag, outfitted with a Givenchy Raccoon Tail Bag Charm. Are raccoons exotic now?

Gucci Marmont camera Bag
$1,250 via Gucci
Hailey brought this bit Gucci Marmont camera Bag to the gym. Hailey is so seldom caught smiling. skoro nikdy. This is the closest we’ve gotten in a while. Google pictures may have you believe otherwise, however they are liars.

Louis Vuitton x ultimate shoulder Bag
Hailey brought this Louis Vuitton x ultimate collab bag for a while before things reheated with Justin. I mean, we can presume he’s always been on the back burner, however they were not tabloid-front-page-together at this time.

Louis Vuitton x ultimate shoulder Bag
This bicoastal bag made its method around the world, or at least from LA to NYC.

Prada Galleria Bag
$2,390 via Neiman Marcus
Back to black: Here’s Hailey flaunting a stylish Prada Galleria Bag in NYC. I’ve stated it before as well as I’ll state it again: Prada as well as flannel, always a great combo.

Prada Studded Nylon Bag
$1,650 via Neiman Marcus
Here’s a final snap of Hailey bring a Prada Studded Nylon Bag while on a beach with Justin in the Hamptons.

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