CC 63: kit Kats In Her Mulberry Bayswater

Today we’re taking a look into the life of a young professional hailing from our nation’s capital. She has worked exceptionally hard to get to where she is in her career. like lots of of us, this confessor has celebrated big life events by purchasing new bags. though this confessor has purchased lots of bags on her own, her a lot of beloved bag was handed down to her by her mom, whose mother was the previous owner of the bag.

Her collection varies and she has her fair share of different designers, but today’s confessor’s attitude towards bags and shopping is pretty down to earth. This confessor owns, and loves, bags in any way price points. Additionally, she recognizes that bags are “just bags” and shouldn’t impact how others are treated. While she admits that she went through a bit of a frivolous spending period in her 20s, today’s confessor shops mindfully, typically planning out higher-end bag purchases in correlation to big life events. While her overall attitude towards bags and shopping is refreshing, so is her knack for the sweets she keeps stuffed in her bags. read the full confessional below and don’t forget to submit your own!

Sdílejte vlastní přiznání!


Age: 31
Genderová identita: Žena
Location: Washington, DC
Occupation: Lawyers/Consultant
Industry: Tax
Salary: $102,000
Household Income: $400,000


Jste členem Purseforum? Ne

How lots of bags do you own? around 30

Jaké tašky jsou ve vaší sbírce?

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM (Damier Azur)

Louis Vuitton Boulogne 35 (Classic Monogram)

Vintage Gucci Boston Bag

Vintage Gucci GG monogram small Crossbody

Mulberry Bayswater (Heritage) in sage green

Mulberry Dorset tote in bluebell leather

Balenciaga medium classic City in black with silver hardware

Prada Nylon Crossbody in black

Marc Jacobs Stam in turquoise

Kurt Geiger London Rainbow stripe Kensington Bag

Kurt Geiger London tiny Kensington in red tweed

Annabel Ingall large Isabella tote in black

Tory Burch Gemini link tote in Orange

Tory Burch leather Foldover Crossbody

Rebecca Minkoff Cupid satchel in Camel

Rebecca Minkoff tiny MAC in Grey

Rebecca Minkoff tiny affair in Teal

Longchamp large Le Pliage in Olive

Several vintage instructor crossbody bags

Additionally, I have several unbranded bags from local stores and Amazon, and a few bags from fast fashion places like H&M, Aldo, Target, and TJMaxx

Kolik stojí vaše sbírka? roughly $12,800 at retail price (before depreciation)

What is your a lot of expensive bag? In terms of retail value, probably the Balenciaga City, but I paid way less. Out of all my bags, I paid the most for the LV Neverfull.

What are the most crucial brands or pieces in your collection?

Almost all of my bags provided are crucial to me, but I am a lot of sentimental about the following:
– Mulberry Bayswater – this was my “high end” designer bag that I purchased for myself
– LV Neverfull – I purchased this after a hard-won promotion at work. I fought hard to get that promotion – I was working in a very competitive office within my firm where it could be tough for women to get promoted, reporting to a boss who fostered that environment. I worked really hard to get that promotion, but I know I couldn’t have gotten there without the support I received from a network of wonderful women within my firm that I am lucky to call colleagues. Not only did they give me the support and support to help me get to that level, they went to bat for me when push pertained to shove.
– The LV Boulogne – this was originally my grandmother’s, and my mommy handed it down to me for my 30th birthday. I didn’t get to know her well considering that I was really young when she passed, so it really is special to me.
– The Balenciaga City – I had wanted this bag considering that it came out, and finally got this last year to celebrate getting a new position at my company that had been a goal for me for some time. It represented a real stepping stone in my occupation for me.
– Kurt Geiger Rainbow stripe Kensington – I got this in Scotland when I was there on an anniversary trip with my husband. He got this for me as a surprise when he found out I got an interview for my current role.

V jakém věku jste dostali první značkový tašku a co to bylo? The first name brand designer bag I got was probably a instructor logo’d purse I had saved up for in middle school. I’m not sure what the exact model was, but it was a big deal to me at the time! In terms of higher end labels, the first “luxury” bag I got (I take that label with a grain of salt, considering that I have bags I love in any way market levels) was the Mulberry Bayswater. I had wanted it for some time and found a pre-loved one on Tradesy that I didn’t get immediately, but kept my eye on. I finally gotten it during a dreadful trip to new York, where we had gone to check out pals and it was a complete disaster – the couple we were staying with had just made a decision to divorce and were trying to keep the plans together anyway, I got pulled into a work emergency and spent much of the weekend in their second bedroom on my laptop…I pulled the activate in the midst of all that!

Is there a certain bag you are seeking to purchase next? I really am very delighted with my current collection, and honestly, given the state of the world ideal now, I would just be delighted to spend a lot more time using the bags I own and love as frivolous as that sounds. While I had been thinking about a Stella McCartney Fallabella, I’ve put that on indefinite hold and may or may not revisit that thought when things improve. With all that said, MZ Wallace small Sutton for a time considering that I wanted something that was packable, durable, and also cute, and the price is reasonable. I may get that one when things go back to normal, assuming that happens!

Nějaká konkrétní taška, která má zvláštní sentimentální hodnotu? The bags that are a lot of crucial to me are those that hold a sentimental value!

Máte pocit, že vaše tašky mění vnímání lidí na vás, nebo jak jste zacházeli? Not these days – my couch doesn’t seem to care what I am carrying! back when we could go outside, I would say only minimally. I think my a lot of recognizable bags like the LVs or Guccis are a dime a dozen where I live, so I haven’t observed much difference when I do carry those rather than where I don’t. While DC isn’t the most “fashion-y” area (though there is a really emerging presence), I do notice that a lot of women in my office carry designer bags but it is rarely a topic of conversation. some of my pals are into bags – some a lot more so than others, but for those that are it is a lot more like a fun topic of conversation to us than a status thing, which I really value.

I think I see the most change in perception when I carry something a little unusual or off the beaten path (particularly the Kurt Geiger Rainbow stripe Kensington). Honestly, I like it that way! Bags are fun, but at the end of the day, they are just bags, and I don’t think they must impact how people are treated.


How typically do you get new bags? maybe a few times a year, give or take. a lot of of my higher end purchases are well planned out and made in relation to a life event, but there are times where I will take advantage of a good deal when it comes up. I did go through a period in my late 20s where I gotten new bag a lot more typically than that, mostly in the mid-range/low end scheme of things, but considering that then I’ve tried to be much a lot more mindful. I’m lucky in that a lot of my pals will ask me to help them shop for a bag, so I get a lot of my shopping impulses out that way!

Které obchody často navštěvujete? I get a lot of of my bags pre-loved, so really a lot of consignment stores, both in-person and online. If I purchase new, I will go to Nordstrom or South Moon Under, and I love a good TJMaxx deal. I think Aldo is really underrated as well – I got my wedding hold there!

Do you ever get second-hand bags? Where do you get used? very frequently! I like to get pre-loved if possible – it feels a lot more sustainable to me, and you can find a terrific deal if you know where to look. I also tend to gravitate towards bags that seem a bit a lot more special (at least to me), which can include bags that aren’t on the market anymore. If it was popular in 2005, its probably on my wishlist! In-person, I like current Boutique, mostly the Clarendon location in Arlington, VA. I have found some incredible deals there – I paid $15 out of pocket for my Prada Nylon Crossbody (it was $115 and I had $100 in store credit). I also frequent online stores like Tradesy, the RealReal, and often eBay (though I get those authenticated). A pal of a pal runs an luxury goods consignment store (primarily through Instagram, but she also has a storefront), so I have gotten some terrific bags from her at good prices, including the Balanciaga City, the Neverfull, and the Gucci Boston.

Prodáváte staré tašky, abyste zaplatili za nové nákupy? I have infrequently sold old bags, but not to pay for new purchases! If I do sell a bag, it is probably to current boutique considering that they make it so easy (if I have to mail something, I will unavoidably forget to do it). I’m a lot more inclined to give old bags away to pals or family, or to donate.

Do you ever feel societal pressure to purchase a lot more bags? less so these days, but I used to. Instagram absolutely doesn’t help, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten a lot more safe in my choices and tastes. These days, the pressure is not so much to me the idea that I must have a lot more bags in terms of numbers, it comes a lot more from sheer number of terrific options out there – the a lot more you scroll through Instagram, blogs, marketing emails, the a lot more you see things that you may want. with that said, I am lucky enough to have several long-term dream bags iV mém šatníku už a vzhledem k stavu světa v těchto dnech chci jen potěšit to, co mám.

Zvažujete investice na nákupy tašek? Vůbec ne! Přinejmenším se nevztahují na mé vlastní tašky, pro mě si myslím, že je něco, co by mělo potěšit, že mám štěstí, že si mohu dovolit. Možná investice do mého štěstí? Vidím, jak je lze zkontrolovat jako investice, a ráda přemýšlím o investiční stránce věcí z ekonomické perspektivy kvůli mé profesi – použil jsem kabelky jako příklad popisování úrovně trhu a hodnoty motoristů při výuce juniorských kolegů ! Také se mi opravdu líbí sledovat populární styly a ceny na maloobchodním trhu, abych viděl, jak se věci v průběhu času mění.
Kdo obvykle ovlivňuje vaše rozhodnutí?

Kdo ovlivňuje vaše rozhodnutí? Nejsem si jistý! I když si myslím, že vlivy a celebrity Instagramu mají pravděpodobně nějaký podvědomý dopad na věci, mám sklon dostávat to, co se mi líbí, což zahrnuje oba styly, které jsou opravdu populární a mainstreamové, a styly, které nejsou. Jsem přitahován mnohem více, abych rozpoznatelný styly mnohem více než loga, pokud to dává smysl, a myslím, že to dostanu od své mámy, která miluje luxusní předměty, ale absolutně nenávidí loga. Nevadí mi loga, ale také se mi musí líbit styl. I když se často ptám svých kamarádů nebo manžela, co si myslí, když při rozhodování o nákupu, pravděpodobně jdu a dostanu to, co se mi líbí, protože jsem ten, kdo nosí tašku! Doufám, že to nezní bezcitně!

Jsou vztahy s obchodními spolupracovníky nápomocné pro vaše nakupování? Ne standardním způsobem, vzhledem k tomu, že dostanu hodně z druhé ruky. I když vždy oceňuji vhled butiku nebo obchodního domu SAS, pokud jsou přátelští, nakupuji v těchto obchodech na tašky natolik, abych tyto vztahy skutečně rozvíjel.

Řekl bych, že tyto vztahy jsou nápomocné, pokud jde o nákupy z druhé ruky. Vyvinul jsem dobrý vztah s kamarádem mého přítele, který provozuje luxusní závislost – vystopovala určitou tašku, kterou jsem chtěl, nebo si pro mě vyhradil styl, o kterém věděla, že chci. Často se také osloví, pokud přijde styl, o kterém si myslí, že možná chci, a také mi pomohla ověřit nákup eBay. Také jsem na ni odkazoval lidi a vždy jsem rád, že ji posílám její cestu. Jsem také blízko se zaměstnanci v mém místním zásilkovém obchodě – teď mi chybí, když jsou věci vypnuty, a nemůžu se dočkat, až je podpořím, když se věci znovu otevřou. Manažer je na mém vánočním seznamu!

Proč se těšíte při nakupování, za nimi jen získávání něčeho nového? Vždycky jsem byl kupujícím-Impuls lovce-sběratel byl ve mně již silný a kapitalismus absolutně nepomáhá! Možná se jedná o maloobchodní terapii, ale užívám si potěšení ze zkušenosti s tím, že chodím do obchodů, kontroluji věci, mluvím s prodejci a vidím, co je tam venku. Také se opravdu těší, že pomáhám svým kamarádům a rodinným obchodům pro sebe-já jsem v mé rodině, když někdo potřebuje plesové šaty nebo tak něco!

Už jste se někdy cítili, jako byste dostali podřadnou službu v obchodě nebo butiku kvůli vašemu vzhledu, etnicitě nebo pohlaví? Na některých místech jsem absolutně viděl některé ne úžasné zákaznické služby, většinou několik luxusních butiků, ale nemyslím si, že by to bylo přičítáno mému vzhledu, etnicitě nebo pohlaví. Myslím, že to byl jen špatný zákaznický servis od některých snobských prodejních spolupracovníků, což se absolutně děje! To znamená, že vím, že se to stane, a myslím si, že je to odporné, a vím, že jsem ze své podstaty privilegován, abych to nezažil.


Kdo platí za vaše tašky? Většinou mě, i když mi můj manžel pár dostal. Jeden rok mě dostal k narozeninám Mulberry Dorset Tote a jako přítomnost výročí Kurt Geiger Kensington. A few were gifts – the LV Boulogne was handed down to me from my late grandmother from my mommy for my 30th birthday, and my daddy got me the Tory Burch Gemini tote for a birthday, but for the most part, I do.

Vyhrazujete rozpočet na nákupy tašek? not on a regular basis. Moje pracoviště má program rozpoznávání, kde můžeme poslat lidem „body odměn“, které jsou

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